Does getting a tattoo hurt?


Some people claim to feel nothing but pressure or a slightly irritating feeling and nothing more. Some claim that it is "annoying". Others admit that it is quite painful but not totally unbearable. How it feels depends on the person. Each person, and how their body tolerates pain, is different. None will report the same exact sensation.


The feeling can range from cat scratch to burning to electricity or just the feeling of being written on very stiffly with a ballpoint pen. In the end, getting a tattoo feels like getting a tattoo. Try it and find out.


Ladies please take note: You may notice that the sensation of the tattoo may be amplified if you're getting work done a week before or during your menstrual cycle...


Do you numb the area before a tattoo?


 People have been getting tattooed (and things much, much more painful) for thousands of years with no numbing needed. In fact, it was done to prove how much the body could endure. A rite of passage to prove your worth to the tribe.


If it was painless it would be all too easy, everyone would have tattoos and it would be a worthless commitment. If you want that tattoo bad enough you'll sit through it. You'll earn it. Even if you're not proving your strength to society or your peers... you're proving it to yourself.


Does one color hurt more than another?


Absolutely not. You'll hear some people saying that one color hurts more than another color. This makes no sense. It's not the color or ink that causes the sensation, it's the needles. 


A lot of people claim that black ink hurts more. I've heard some claim that yellow and white ink (or very light colors) hurts more. Why? Black is normally the first color that hits the skin... and that can cause a bit of shock to the system. The skin hasn't been worked yet and the feeling is very new to your body. Once it goes on for a while you tend to adjust and get used to it.


White or other very light colors are often the last colors used. The skin has already been worked so it's a little tender by this point. Sometimes that last color can seem like the worst, especially since you're anticipating the end of the process and enjoying your new addition. This is what you've worked so hard for.


Can I have a few drinks to loosen me up before my tattoo?


Not if you expect me to tattoo you. It won't happen. Alcohol is a bloodthinner so it will cause you to bleed more. The excess flow of blood can cause immediate fading. Being that I take great pride in my work, I can't see wasting my time and effort putting all my love and energy into a piece if the person on the recieving end doesn't care what their ink looks like when it heals. My work is my signature and my good name. If it looks bad so do I.


The bottom line is that I'm not drunk when I work on you... show me the same respect. If I smell alcohol on you, you will not be tattooed. No exceptions.


If a woman gets a tattoo on her stomach (abdomen) and then decides to have children, will the tattoo stretch out of shape? Will it ever go back to normal?


Sometimes the abdomen will stretch but remain smooth, unmarred by stretchmarks. Most likely the tattoo will go back to normal in this situation. However, if stretchmarks do occur, they will run over the weakest areas of skin. Areas prone to easiest stretching would be where the skin was perforated before... if a stretchmark runs through your tattoo you have less than a 50% chance of it going back to normal, no matter what you do.


Stretchmarks from pregnancy have the potential to run anywhere from the tops of the thighs to just under the breasts and from hip to hip across.


Ladies, think very carefully about getting a tattoo in this area if you plan on having children and keeping your ink looking good. There's little to nothing you can do to completely prevent stretchmarks from occuring if it runs in your family. Even if it's skipped a generation..


Can stretchmarks and scars be covered by a tattoo?


They will still be noticable, but most of the time they can be tattooed over and disguised. I advise finding an artist who is experienced with working on these types of tissue as it can require more care when being tattooed. The scars or stretchmarks must be healed thoroughly (sometimes a year or more to be sure) or you may wind up with a mess...


Why does my tattoo raise up from time to time?


Some scarring occurs with every tattoo. Most of the time it's not really noticable. When the tattoo becomes irritated the scar will raise up for a bit. This can be caused by sun exposure or sunburn, slapping, scratching, rough clothing or even stress. Given time to calm down, the tattoo will lay flat again


The same reaction commonly occurs with stretchmarks. If you have them, I'm sure you've noticed.


My tattoo is raised all the time. Why?


If the tattoo is raised constantly, chances are it's permanantly scarred. This can happen with sensitive skin or skin that's prone to keloiding. It can also happen if the artist goes too deep or overworks the area. There isn't really anything that can lessen the scar tissue



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